Welcome to Care For IBS

  Care For IBS is a digestive health knowledge based site.Here we are trying to share knowledge about IBS-Irritable Bowel Syndrome  and all other digestive related problems,our mission is to support all those peoples who are suffering with IBS-Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other digestive problems to improve theirs quality of life.

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Symptoms Of IBS

Many different type of symptoms are to identify IBS, by which you need to find yours most common symptoms to make sure that it is IBS,like diarrhea , constipation, abdominal pain etc ….

Causes Of IBS

Till now it is still unknown the exact causes of IBS, Most of Reserchers opnions are disruption of brain gut functions , intestinal infections are count as root causes of IBS ….

Treatment options of IBS

Treatments of IBS are depends on your symptoms, You must find a treatment according your conditions,there are different types of treatment options are available like antibiotic medicines,homeopathic medicines,ayurvedic medicines etc ….

Recent Topics on IBS

Navel Displacement treatments for IBS

As per ancient Indian science Navel Displacement probably a cause of IBS. Check symptoms of navel displacement..

Dairy Products will make your IBS worse

Please avoid dairy products like milk,butter etc. Researchers found those products will increase your IBS problems,please remove those from your food list..

Antibiotics medicines to stop diarrhea

Diarrhea is very common among IBS sufferers,Here are some good antibiotic medicines to stop acute Diarrhea to get instant relief..

we will publish more information very soon